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Things to know before booking a free walking tour

What is an average tip?2024-03-20T12:02:55+01:00

20 to 30per person makes these tours sustainable as we limit our groups to 8 people.

Do you have tours in Spanish or Italian?2024-02-10T17:15:58+01:00

No. Our tours are in English only. 

The guide isn’t here2024-02-10T17:16:36+01:00

Please check your email. You will be informed in advance if the guide is late or the tour is cancelled. Currently, a new tram line is being built in the city, and people arriving at the historic centre can spend up to 30 min waiting for a bus that never shows; however, our guides ALWAYS write an email to the tourists when this happens.

I have to cancel2024-02-10T17:22:03+01:00

Please respond to your confirmation email requesting to cancel the tour. Even if you realise you won’t make it to the tour 5 min before the tour starts – please let us know.

I need to reschedule2024-02-10T17:21:49+01:00

Respond to your confirmation email asking to cancel the booking, then book the right date. 

I’ve booked The Genius Tour and the website has a starting time different from the timeline in the confirmation email.2024-02-10T17:20:13+01:00

January through April – the tour starts at 15:00

May, June and September – the tour starts at 17:00

July and August – the tour starts at either 18:30 or 19:00

Which one of the tours cover the Renaissance period?2024-02-10T17:19:44+01:00

Both the Medici Tour and the Genius Tour cover the Renaissance period, the first one explains what did the Medici family do for the renaissance and the city of Florence and the afternoon tour talks about what did Dante, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Donatello do for the Renaissance and Florence.

Do you have a tour that covers the whole city?2024-02-10T17:20:50+01:00

No. We have two completely different and interdependent tours that each cover half of the city, together they show you the best of Florence in 1 day. The morning tour – the southern half, the afternoon tour – the northern half.

Can I get the Genius Tour at 2 or 3 pm?2024-02-10T17:21:02+01:00

In summer (1st of June till 15th of September) the afternoon tour runs at either 5 or 7 pm because in the hours between 1 pm and 5 pm it is dangerous to be outside, there is no shade, no trees and the temperature can reach 48°C [118 °F]. Those hours are best spent inside any museum. The rest of the year the afternoon tour starts at 3 pm.

Are these tours different?2024-02-10T17:29:49+01:00

The Medici Tour covers the southern part of the city, takes you off the beaten path, and talks about the Medici Family and Michelangelo. The Genius Tour shows you the northern part of the city, takes you to the main landmarks and talks about the beginning of Renaissance told through biographies of Donatello, Leonardo and Brunelleschi.

Are these tours wheelchair accessible?2024-02-10T17:24:18+01:00

No. Sadly, there is no infrastructure for wheelchairs or baby strollers in the Florentine historic centre. The city is preserved stuck in the 1500s, before urban planning was invented. 

Wanted to book for a date but it is not available2024-03-20T13:56:21+01:00

Send us an email: ‘Request new dates’ specifying WHEN you would like to participate. We will send you a notice once your date is available.

How do I recognize the guide?2024-02-10T17:27:50+01:00

The meeting point is Piazza Strozzi in front of Strozzi Palace. The guide will approach you, just position yourself in front of the Colle Bereto Restaurant

I would like to book a tour for July or August and it is not available2024-01-18T20:04:21+01:00

The tours in July and August will be scheduled and made available in July and August one week at a time, based on the weather conditions in summer 2024. 

I cannot book. Can i just show up?2024-01-16T15:53:00+01:00

Booking is essential. If you show up without the booking, your place is not guaranteed. We accept a maximum of 10 people for the Medici Tour and a maximum of 6 for the Genius Tour. We also need you to provide an email address that you check regularly since this is the only way for the guide to let you know if the tour gets cancelled or if the guide is late. 

Are we going to visit anything on the inside?2024-01-16T15:55:45+01:00

Yes. A lot. The Medici Tour takes you inside 3 churches, 2 stores and a bar. During the Genius Tour you visit 3 places, 2 of them require you to do the stairs. 

How much does the tour cost?2024-01-16T16:01:24+01:00

You will be provided with a private tour that normally costs 250 euros. The guides will never ask for or even mention any payment, but he/she is expecting a generous tip.

We are a large group of people how can we book?2024-01-16T16:17:44+01:00

La Bussola Free Tours is promoting a private free tour concept. We do not accept large groups, our Medici Tour goes sold out with 10 participants, while the Genius Tour has a maximum of 6 people per tour. 

What if we are late?2024-01-16T15:58:38+01:00

5 minutes late – the guide is showing the map to the group on the benches of the Strozzi Palace;

more than 5 min late – respond to your confirmation email with your WhatsApp phone number, the guide will share his/her location, but it’s not guaranteed, because once the tour starts, guides rarely check their phone, as it is perceived unprofessional by other tourists. 

Will children enjoy this kind of tour?2024-01-16T16:39:50+01:00

Both tours are suitable for children 12+. Kids below that age will not enjoy our tours. Both tours are not accessible for baby strollers. 

How big is the group usually?2024-01-16T16:27:24+01:00

Medici Tour – minimum 2 people, maximum 10 people. Genius Tour – minimum 2 people, maximum 6 people.

Do you do tours when the weather is absolutely terrible?2023-04-13T00:40:55+02:00

Always. Rain or shine, the tour will run.

How do I dress for the tour?2024-02-10T17:25:57+01:00

Very comfortable shoes, and bring an umbrella if it is cloudy. You must be covered from shoulders to knees, to be able to enter churches. During the Medici Tour you visit 3 churches.


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