Free walking Tours of Florence

10:30 AM

Morning Free walking Tour



Southern half 2 h 45 min 2 km /1.3 miles 20 min break

Medici and Michelangelo

A unique small-group free walking tour about the history of Florence.
We take you inside every landmark on the way.
This tour is off the beaten path, away from the tourist crowds.
Max 8 people.

  • Learn about the Medici family
  • Understand the purpose of David
  • Hear the story of Michelangelo while seeing his first statue
  • Get helpful info on food and shopping in Florence

You visit: two churches, two shops, two palaces, two bridges and a cafe for a cappuccino.

After this tour you don’t need to come back to visit these landmarks again, you visit them with us.

This tour is tip-based

10:30Intro + map
10:40Contemporary art
10:50Oldest perfumery
11:00Medici family in 1400s
11:30Michelangelo explained
12:00Medici family in 1500s
12:20Vasarian Corridor
12:30Jewelry bridge
12:40David explained
  • The tour ends at 13:15 behind the Uffizi Gallery near all the sandwich shops


10:25 Check-in begins in Piazza Strozzi
the square at the entrance of the Strozzi Palace, in front of the restaurant “Colle Bereto”

Interdependent tours

Interdependent tours

Afternoon Free Walking Tour



Northern half 2 h 2 km / 1.3 miles 20 min

Geniuses of the Renaissance

This is our best free walking tour.
It explains evolution in art and the Renaissance.
It is for technical nerds and people into visual arts.
Max 8 people.

You see the most beautiful landmarks of the historic center. 

  • Story of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Donatello making all the firsts
  • Secrets of the Cathedral’s dome
  • Understand the Renaissance
  • Best Gelato in Florence

This tour is tip-based

15:00Intro + map
15:35First renaissance statue
15:45Linear perspective
16:00Gates of Paradise
16:10First renaissance dome
16:50Hot chocolate
17:10Bargello prison
17:15Florentine Pantheon
  • The tour ends near Santa Croce Square with bars and restaurants nearby


14:55 Check-in begins in Piazza Strozzi
the square at the entrance of the Strozzi Palace, in front of the restaurant “Colle Bereto”

3:00 PM

Our meeting point is Piazza Strozzi, next to the Colle Bereto restaurant.


About the booking2024-02-16T21:28:12+01:00
  • Booking is essential. We accept a maximum of 10 people per tour, after which the tour is sold out.
  • If you’re booking the tour right upon arrival to Florence, please note that your train will be late and your hotel check-in will take longer than usual. Trains in Italy are always late.
  • If you realize you can’t make it to the tour, please cancel your booking by replying to the confirmation email. Even if you realize that 10 minutes before the tour starts – let us know anyways.
  • Please provide an email address you actually check, as it is the only way for us to communicate with you in case the tour gets canceled, postponed or if the guide is late.
  • If you’re booking the Afternoon Free Tour months in advance the starting time of the tour in the timeline might be different from what was on the website. At the bottom of the confirmation email you have Event Details – there you find the correct starting time.
Who is this tour suitable for?2024-02-16T21:28:55+01:00

These private free tours are perfect for families, couples and solo travelers.
People above the age of 30 enjoy our tours the most.
It will be a huge plus if you’re also interested in art, since the Renaissance in Florence is all about art.
Our tours are not accessible for baby strollers and wheelchairs, as you will be entering a lot of buildings with steps.

What is a private free tour?2024-02-16T21:30:15+01:00
  • Private free tour is the same as a private 300€ tour, provided using the “pay what you wish” model
  • The total number of tourists in the group must be a maximum of 10 people.
  • Guides don’t use a microphone with an earpiece or a microphone with a loudspeaker.
  • The tours are structured so that the group is taken inside every landmark available to visit for free or that is under 10 euros per ticket.
  • If the weather is really bad the guide will improvise a coffee stop in a bar

The tour is done in a dialogue format where you can ask questions talk and meet people.
The guide is available to take photos of you and your family on your smartphone.
If you need an ATM or WC the guide will take you there.

What is an average tip?2024-03-20T11:49:23+01:00
  • 20€ to 30€ per person tip makes these tours sustainable, as we limit our groups to 8 people.
  • The guide will be delighted if you’d like to tip more.
  • If you are on a tight budget, please consider a large group walking tour with more than 30 participants.

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