Yes, it is. If this is your first visit, you’re young, and you don’t want to visit museums, churches, galleries, or do any shopping, the historic center of Florence can be easily walked through in a day. One-day visits are usually chosen by young travelers on a tight budget, as Florence is quite expensive. 

The vast majority of tourists end up visiting the city three times: 

  • First-time visitors come to the city to learn about it, take photos, take a free walking tour, and try Florentine gelato. These are usually 18-30-year-old solo travelers and young couples.
  • The second trip happens once they are 40-50 years old, accompanied by their kids. This trip is normally a one-week stay, during which they also visit other cities in Tuscany. 
  • The third trip is a unique experience reserved for those with a deep passion for art history. These travelers, often retired, return to Florence for an extended one-month stay, immersing themselves in the city’s rich artistic heritage by visiting its 78 museums.

What to See in Florence in One Day?

Plan your ideal day in Florence using the options listed below to explore the city in just 24 hours. There are some must-see attractions in Florence, as well as other things to do that provide various opportunities. Of course, everyone’s preferences vary, so we hope you find the combination that suits you best. 

Climb the dome of the Cathedral

Out of all the “climbs” you can do in Italy, the dome of Florence Cathedral is an absolute winner. It is better than the dome of the Vatican’s cathedral in Rome; it is better than any tower, bell tower, or even the Pisa leaning tower. Even though you get a fantastic view, climbing the dome is not about the panoramic view but the experience itself. The dome is made of two domes, one on top of the other, and when you climb it, you pass between them. Yes, it is claustrophobic, but still worth it, especially if you like architectural and engineering wonders.

Try Florentine ice cream, aka the Gelato

There is no best gelato in Florence. The whole city is famous for its gelato-making method. There are about 20 authentic gelaterias that make their ice cream fresh every morning. Even industrially produced gelato is delicious, so stop searching for the best gelato in Florence lists; try as many as you can. Or download our map of the gelatos in Florence. 

Visit the Signoria Square

It is the most crowded tourist square in Florence because it is where you have the city hall, the Uffizi Gallery, the Gucci Museum, and the David. Even though it is a copy of David, it is identical and exactly the same size as the original statue. Plus, it is there because that’s where the original David has always been until 1837 when they moved it to a museum for preservation. 

Watch the Sunset 

Enjoy your sunset on one of the rooftop terraces in the city. There are multiple bars, restaurants, and cafes in Florence with an exceptional panoramic view. Yes, they are pricey. But if this is your only day in Florence, spending 15 euros for a cocktail or having a 50 euro dinner is worth it, considering the spectacular view. There is a free and, as a result, an overly-advertised spot to watch the sunset in Florence – Piazzale Michelangelo; however, it is crowded with teenagers, there are no bathrooms, no bars, no nothing, it is a parking lot, with a view. 

Pick one of 78 Florentine museums to visit on the inside.

And if you’re not big on art, which is found in the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, and Bargello, you have plenty of other options. 

– Leonardo da Vinci interactive museum, where you can play around with machines built using Leonardo’s designs

– Gucci or Ferragamo Museum if you’re into fashion

– Palazzo Vecchio, if you like elaborate and ornate interior decor

Santa Croce church, where you can visit the tombs of the geniuses of Florence

Do a small-group free walking tour, picking a tour that will take you inside places

Remember that large-group free walking tours are exterior only, and you want to avoid a history class in front of a wall of the building without getting to visit it; you want to go inside as many places as you can. This will be your “Florence in a day tour”.

And please don’t waste your time in Florence standing 40 minutes in line to get a sandwich in “all’Antico Vinaio”, as it has become a “Subway sandwich” and is not worth it anymore. 

Is Florence a Walkable City?

It is perfectly accessible for people without mobility issues. It will be hard for people with mobility issues as it is a medieval city entirely paved for horses, and the stones are quite uncomfortable to walk on. Florence is not accessible for wheelchairs. You see many people with baby strollers, but both the babies and the strollers suffer a lot in Florence, as the last time paving stones were changed was in the 60s. However, if you’re fit and wear your most comfortable non-slip shoes – you’ll be fine. Flip-flops are not advisable. 

How to Get Around Florence Fast?

If you want to see the main landmarks in an hour, don’t use the public transportation in the city center, and don’t use Google Maps as it will get you lost; use the San Firenze square.

It is in between all of the landmarks. Go to San Firenze Square; any road you take from it will lead you to an important landmark. Two roads go behind the San Firenze church and take you to Santa Croce. One road takes you to the cathedral, another to Signoria Square, and via dei Leoni, it takes you to the river. 

So, instead of going from one landmark to another, go from San Firenze Square to a landmark and back to San Firenze. Then take the second road and again return to San Firenze, then take a third road and again return to San Firenze, and then take via dei Leoni to go away from San Firenze to the river, where you will cross the Old Bridge to the other side of the city.