Tours start every day at 10:30 and 15:00 from Piazza Strozzi


Free walking tour in Florence

  ½ of the city2.5 km ~ 1.5 miles
 2h 30min 15 min break
  Language: ENGLISH

Medici free walking tour:

Our Morning free walking tour is an introduction to Florence, we will visit the southern part of the city. You will learn about the development of the city, its history, and the Medici family. The tour shows you a lesser known areas of Florence by crossing Arno river to go off the beaten path. You start with Piazza della Signoria square, where you find the David statue by Michelangelo, cross the Ponte Vecchio and get all the useful info about how to best visit Uffizi gallery. You also learn the purpose of Palazzo Vecchio, see the Pitti Palace that you reach by following the famous Vasarian Corridor. You end the tour in the area filled with local restaurants. It is perfect for lunch, and after you can come back for our afternoon free tour, which covers completely different area of the city. The tour ends in Piazza Santo Spirito.

Meeting point:

Piazza degli Strozzi


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Florence free tour

  ½ of the city3 km ~ 1.6 miles
  2h 10min no break
  Language: ENGLISH

Renaissance Main Landmarks Free Tour:

The Afternoon Tour focuses on the northern side of the city and covers the main landmarks of Florence. The landmarks covered are: Porcellino, Orsanmichele, Duomo square and The Cathedral, Baptistery of San Giovanni, Opera del Duomo Museum, Bargello Palace, Church of Santa Croce. This tour does not cover Medici family and Signoria Square with the David statue. This free tour will take you though the square of the main Cathedral telling you a story of Renaissance period though the biographies and inventions of the most famous characters of Florence, such as Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante and Brunelleschi. The tour ends in piazza Santa Croce.

Meeting Point:

Piazza degli Strozzi