Florence is a city famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, offering a wide range of experiences for visitors. This guide provides a detailed itinerary for a perfect day in Florence, highlighting the best places for breakfast, sightseeing, shopping, and dining.


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1-Early Breakfast
2-Morning Walk and Sightseeing
3-Free Walking Tour
4-Best Florentine Shopping
5-Quick Lunch
6-Iconic museum in Florence
7-Gelato Stop
8-An aperitivo at a rooftop terrace
9-Sunset in Michelangelo Square
10-Dinner in Santo Spirito Square


Early Breakfast:

Ditta Artigianale: Known for their exceptional coffee, Ditta Artigianale serves some of the highest quality cappuccinos and café lattes in Florence. With three locations in the historic center, it’s a great spot to start your day.

Strozzi Cafe: Located inside the Strozzi Palace; Strozzi Cafe offers a posh atmosphere and delicious hazelnut brioches.

Cafe Paskowski: An iconic café where Florence’s elite once gathered, Café Paskowski has retained its 19th-century charm. It’s an ideal place to experience the historical ambiance of Florence.

Giacosa Cafe: A recent addition to the café scene in Florence, Giacosa Cafe offers exceptional Italian breakfasts, primarily featuring sweet pastries and cappuccinos or café lattes.

Tourist tip:

Prices in Italy vary depending on where you consume your coffee: standing at the bar is the cheapest option, costing under 1,5€ for a coffee and around 2€ for a brioche.

Sitting inside without a view will cost 1.5 times more,

Sitting outside with a view can double the price.

Italy does not have a takeaway culture, takeaways are charged more and the quality is lower.

The best value is to enjoy your coffee standing at the bar.


Morning Walk and Sightseeing:

Take a 15-minute walk to explore some of Florence’s most iconic landmarks:

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore: Visit the main cathedral and its stunning square early in the morning to avoid long lines. Entry to the cathedral is free.

Signoria Square: This square features around 20 statues, including a replica of Michelangelo’s David. It’s a five-minute walk from the cathedral and is perfect for photography.

Ponte Vecchio: This historic bridge, lined with jewelry shops, offers beautiful views of the Arno River. The shops open by 10 a.m., but the bridge is a great spot for early morning photos.

Medici Walking Tour:

Sign up for the Medici and Michelangelo Tour [book the tour] that takes you to the other side of the river and explores less touristy areas. This tour is amazing, it shows you hidden gems and takes you inside every building on the way.

Best Florentine Shopping:

Florence is famous for its artisanal crafts. While clothing and bags are often made elsewhere, local crafts such as handmade jewelry, Florentine marble mosaics, and painted ceramics are unique to the city.

Marble Mosaics: Expensive but unique, these pieces are crafted using centuries-old techniques.

Painted Ceramics: Beautiful and collectible, these ceramics are a hallmark of Florentine craftsmanship.

Handmade Jewelry: Unique pieces that reflect the city’s rich artistic heritage.

Leather: Considered less unique due to mass production.

Watercolor and Oil Paintings: Affordable souvenirs available from street artists throughout the city.

Quick Lunch:

For a quick lunch, opt for a freshly made sandwich (schiacciata) from any bar in Florence. Ensure the ingredients are cut fresh to avoid pre-cut items that may have been exposed to flies. A good sandwich costs around €7. Alternatively, a light salad is available at most restaurants.

Iconic museums in Florence:

Spend the afternoon exploring one of Florence’s iconic museums:

Uffizi Gallery: Home to an extensive collection of paintings. Allocate at least three hours for your visit.

Bargello Museum: The premier museum for sculptures, open all day on Monday and Saturday. On other days, visit before 2 p.m.

Gelato Stop:Florence is famous for its gelato. Check out our blog post “Best Gelaterias in Florence” for a handpicked list of 12 amazing gelaterias. Or simply download a free map to your Google Maps app for easy navigation.

Enjoy an aperitivo and a quick snack:

Get an aperitivo and a quick snack in one of the rooftop terrace cocktail bars in Florence around 4:30 p.m. Aperitif hours usually start around 6 p.m., but by that time, everyone will be trying to get into all those rooftop terrace bars. Instead, go at 4:30, when it is still quite sunny, and there are not many people. Don’t worry, those cafeterias and rooftop terraces always have umbrellas open. Here’s an amazing blog with a 2024 update on all terrace bars in Florence.

Sunset in Michelangelo Square:

Michelangelo Square offers a panoramic view of Florence, making it the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Arrive early to find a good spot on the staircase, bring a bottle of wine, and enjoy the company of fellow travelers. Note that there are no bathroom facilities on-site.

Dinner in Santo Spirito Square:

End your day with dinner in Santo Spirito Square, known for its vibrant atmosphere and excellent restaurants. Tamerò Pasta Bar is a popular choice, offering handmade pasta. It is advisable to make a reservation for 9:30 p.m. to dine with locals.