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F. A. Q.

Booking is essential. If you show up without booking, your place is not guaranteed. We accept a maximum of 25 people per single group.
Normally no, however if the church/entrance hall/museum/temporary exhibition is free, then the guide will give you 5 minutes to go in and take pictures, for the rest it is a walking tour.
Simply register for the right date, completely disregarding the original registration; we find it easier not to cancel bookings since around 35% of the people who register miss the tour. However, you will receive an automatic reminder and thank you email for each booking. If you do not want to receive extra automatic emails then proceed to cancel your registration through Eventbrite (our booking platform).
Free. We do hope that at the end of the tour you will want to donate to our cultural association and the guide.
Very comfortable shoes, and bring an umbrella if it is cloudy. In summer it is convenient to be covered from shoulders to knees, in order to be able to enter churches.
It’s ok, no need to inform us. We calculate our numbers with a fixed percentage of no-shows; you can just proceed by not showing up, and hopefully we will see you on a different date.
On the menu choose ‘Tours’. On the side of the description of each tour you can ‘Select a Date’. Insert the number of participants above the age of 18 and then click the green button ‘Register’. With some browsers you may need to scroll down the registration form in order to see the button.
If your group is above 25 people we cannot accept you. If it is less than 25 people you can book with the same procedure as everyone else.
Usually the guide waits 5 minutes extra, gives another 5 minutes of intro, so you have 10 minutes to be late. After which there are no ways to catch up with the guide. Tour guide will NOT answer phone calls during the tour.
Send us an email with object: ‘Request new dates’ specifying WHEN you would like to participate. We will send you a notice once your date is available.
Yes, however the structure can be tiring if you are taking kids for a second tour in a row. Usually children under the age of 13 enjoy just one walking tour per day.
No. The city of Florence is wheelchair accessible in general, however our tours cover roads that are very narrow.
From 4 to 25 people. Meaning, we will start a tour with a minimum of 4 people, and we will accept a maximum of 25 people per single group.
In winter we only have one tour available in English and one tour available in Spanish. In summer not only they are different, they are also complimentary, meaning we structured them specifically for you to visit both of them.
Always. Rain or shine, the tour will run.
The meeting point is Piazza Strozzi in front of Strozzi palace. The guide will be wearing a big violet badge and holding a folder.

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