The 5 Best Italian Appetizers: A Charm of Florence

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is discovering the lifestyle and habits of each city and its people. Today, we are going to explore a very popular tradition in many Italian cities, especially in Florence: the Italian appetizer.

What is the Appetizer?

The appetizer is a drink, alcoholic or not, that is taken before dinner to whet the appetite. The word comes from the Latin *aperitivus* and this tradition began in 1786 in Turin, with the production of the famous vermouth, a wine flavored with infusions of herbs and spices. Since then, the appetizer has spread throughout Italy, becoming a social and gastronomic ritual.

When the appetizer is taken?

From 6 pm or 7 pm, almost all Italian bars offer this service. Customers can order a drink (among the most popular are wine, Spritz, Campari, dry Martini, and beer) and enjoy a varied buffet. The price is fixed, usually between 7 and 10 euros, and varies depending on the city and the bar. Normally, the appetizers last until 9 p.m.

In Florence, this tradition has evolved to the point of being called *appetizerdinner*, a mixture of appetizer and dinner. The buffets in Florence are generous and varied, including pasta dishes, bruschettas, salads, cheeses, cold cuts, and local specialties.

The 5 Best Places for an Appetizer in Florence

If you’re in Florence and want to enjoy a great appetizer, here’s a list of the top five places:

1. Loggia Roof Bar

Courtesy of Loggia Roof Bar

Loggia, is a splendid panoramic terrace, in the Hotel Palazzo Guadagni. Overlooking Piazza Santo Spirito, this rooftop offers dreamlike views of the city and the hills around it. It offers a romantic and relaxing atmosphere ideal for an aperitif enjoying the sunset over the red roofs of Florence. Loggia, the first of its kind in Florence, remains today one of the most picturesque and iconic landmarks of the Florentine Oltrarno. An exceptional place where you can find your peace within the city, breathing in the authenticity and timeless beauty of Florence.

2. Soul Kitchen

Courtesy of Soul Kitchen

Located on Via dei Benci, Soul Kitchen is known for its cozy atmosphere and heated terrace, ideal for enjoying the view of the city accompanied by music, delicious and varied food, and bar. The bartenders in each season offer a different menu inspired by cinematographic references that come to life with aromas from all over the world, they also have a wide selection of signature gins and a menu of organic and natural wines, offering a variety of sensations, aromas, and flavors. In addition, they have a selection of Italian beers on tap and a very careful selection of Tuscan craft beers.

3. Colle Bereto

Courtesy of Cafe Colle Bereto

The Privè de Colle Bereto means party. This club is one of the main landmarks for Florentine nightlife. A quality place for after dinner, where you can have fun and dance until late at night to the rhythm of DJs from the international scene, whose names resonate among the best for their eclectic and varied sound. Amazing nights await you.

4. Bar Cabiria

Courtesy of Cafe Cabiria

Bar Cabiria is characterized by lively staff (let them advise you on what to drink!) and a special touch of extravagance, it is one of the liveliest places in Piazza Santo Spirito. It is located in front of one of the oldest and most fascinating squares in central Florence in the Oltrarno neighborhood, with tables in the shade of the beautiful church of the same name and a cozy interior room.

5. Il Rifrullo

Courtesy of Il Rifrullo

On the picturesque Via San Niccolò, Il Rifrullo stands out for its cozy atmosphere and excellent buffet. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a night in Florence on its magnificent terrace.


Gastronomic Tip

In addition to these magical places that house our gastronomy, you can also enjoy pasta, a dish which is the flagship of Italy and here you can find a list of restaurants where you can find the best pasta in Florence.

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