Florence is one of the most visited locations worldwide. The population is 383,000 people, and 10 million tourists choose to visit this city every year.

Our Association La Bussola was created to do two things: Helping tourists arriving every year to make sense out of 9 centuries of history and over 50 museums packed with overwhelming amount of famous names in just 1 day. We achieve this by organizing quality free walking tours that are complementary and cover all areas of the historic centre of the city. Making those tourists useful for the city and its society. This we achieve by giving tourists plenty of useful information and directing them to the right museums; this way the city continues to flourish and receive investments from organizations that preserve cultural heritage. Members of our association La bussola Free Tours take great care in promoting city’s culture, art, history, museums, cuisine, authentic businesses, and all possible activities that could keep Florence authentic and vibrant all year around, and at the same time presenting tourists with the most complete experience. We provide a variety of ways to discover the city for foreign guests, and we are open to any type of collaboration with local institutions that could be mutually beneficial and supports our purpose.

By promoting the city’s landmarks to the members of our cultural association, la Bussola offers a complete overview of Florence.